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Universal Technology

UTL provide high quality, network cabling solutions to organisations across a wide range of business sectors including healthcare, education (both private and state), housing, business, theatre and the arts. We work for global corporations and one man bands.

We have installed networks everywhere……an office in Dorking, a school in Inverness, a theatre in the West End; there really isn’t anywhere we won’t work. Trust us when we say that there aren’t many challenges we haven’t yet met, but we are always looking for more!

We have our own team of engineering staff because it allows us to keep a firm control over the quality of your installation. That’s not saying that contractors don’t have a part to play; on larger installations, we have access to additional skilled labour when we need it, but your project will be supervised by us. That way you really know who you are dealing with.

One more really important thing……we own all of our installation and state of the art test equipment. If you have an emergency, we can get to site swiftly and sort out your network problems without any fuss.




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