Trade Installations

Whilst much of our business is direct to the end user, we also work alongside other companies. This may be working for a main contractor such as Overbury on a new build or major refurbishment, or alongside the M&E or electrical contractor but we also work widely with a number of computer services companies offering a cabling option as a “white label” product which they can offer to complement their product range.

We work closely with the IT managers and Directors to ensure that our work can be carried out with the minimum of inconvenience and disruption to staff.

Projects are often completed overnight or at weekends and the staff are often unaware that anything has actually happened, although they may notice that their network connection has improved.

Sensitive Working Environments

Over the years we have worked with West Berkshire Health Authority working in all of the hospitals and many surgeries within the region.

We have worked with Barchester Healthcare, The Priory Group, Care Management Group, The Weldmar Hospice and the National Society for Epilepsy for many years.

This gives us a wealth of experience in working in very sensitive environments. Most of the sites are residential and so our staff (who are all CRB checked) are used to working around vulnerable residents with serious educational or health issues from the pre-teens to the very elderly.

"Lovely guys, very good with the people we support. A credit to you." AchieveTogether